SpeedLine Media knows that many property owners and managers throughout Indianapolis are dissatisfied with their current options for cable TV service.  Just listen to some of the local property owners comments:
"I wish they were more customer service oriented.  My clients ask me to solve problems with their cable and I can't do it.  There is a lack of professionalism and lack of respect."
"The cable TV company leaves wiring all over the buildings.  There is no regard for aesthetics.  It takes them forever to make repairs."


As a premier provider of diversified communications solutions to residential multi-family properties, SpeedLine Media connects you to the technology and services that will keep your residents satisfied and for the twenty-first century. We call this the "SpeedLine Advantage" because our communications solutions will add breadth to your existing profile of amenities.

  • IF your residents are unhappy with the technology options available to them...  

  • IF you need to better distinguish your property in the competitive residential marketplace...

  • IF you feel that you should have an alternative to the local franchise cable operator...

  • IF you would like to share in the recurring revenue being generated by the broadband assets of your property...


You should know that owners and developers of residential multi-unit properties have a better option.

A partnership with SpeedLine Media allows you to profit while offering the optimal broadband solutions for your resident demographics. 

SpeedLine can complement or replace existing technology to provide a full array of desired telecom amenities.

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