Now you can call anyone, anytime, anywhere in the country — all for one low price. But that’s just the beginning. This includes calls to Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. You’ll get advanced features like online Voice Mail access and the popular features you expect, like Call Waiting. You can even keep your current phone number and phone. And of course you’ll enjoy the simplicity of one bill for all your SpeedLine Media services.   To take advantage of this service, you can use your regular phone—no special VOIP connection is required. All you need is a regular telephone and any high-speed internet connection to receive this fantastic service.

You don't have to lose your phone number if you change phone companies. SpeedLine Media offers the option of keeping your phone number across the country. 

Additional Features:

 911 Dialing
Voicemail Plus
Caller ID with Name
Call Waiting
Call Return
Repeat Dialing
International Calling
311 Dialing
Enhanced Call Forwarding
Call Transfer
Call Hunt
Anonymous Call Block
Do Not Disturb
Ring Lists
Caller ID Block
3-Way Calling
Free In-Network Calls

Digital Telephone

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